ground chicken chilli jasmine rice - new jersey meal preps
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Grilled chicken paired with tasty maduros and spanish rice - healthy meal preps
Seasoned lean ground beef paired with jasmine rice, black beans, corn, lettuce shreds and a side of our house salsa - jersey city meal preps

Taco Bowl

Chicken & Fries
Grilled chicken paired with mash potatoes corn green beans and house gravy cup - fresh meal delivery service

Chicken Mash

The Champ

The Champ

Shredded Chicken
Low Calorie Bruschetta Chicken
Avocado chicken jasmine rice green beans - meal prep delivery service
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Grilled chicken tossed in our house pesto sauce paired with jasmine rice, green beans and a side of grape tomatoes - clifton nj meal prep delivery service
Rosa’s Picadillo
Keto Hulk

Keto Hulk

Grilled Chicken with house bruschetta sauce jasmine rice and green beans
Pineapple Chicken - ny meal preps
Grilled Chicken paired with shrimp veggie rice green beans and pineapples - meal prep delivery company
Mango salsa over grilled chicken paired with jasmine rice and green beans - meal preps
Grilled BBQ chicken paired with quinoa, our veggie mix and a side cup of avocado sauce - meal preps delivery service
Low calorie chicken & shrimp with vegie mix spartan meal preps
Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

Low calorie buffalo chicken and veggie mix spartan meal preps
Buffalo grilled chicken breast paired with jasmine rice, green beans and side cup of grilled pineapples - spartan meal preps
Low Calorie Scramble
and veggie mix spartan meal preps
Seasoned grilled chicken paired with brown rice, buttered corn, black beans, shredded lettuce, diced grape tomatoes and house sauce - spartan meal preps
Low Calorie Shredded Chicken
Low caloriue pesto chicken with veggies= spartanmealpreps
Keto Egg Frittata
Egg Frittata
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Fruity Pebbles & Cookie blast protein shake combo pack ( 14 Pack )
Fruity Pebbles protein shake ( 14 Pack )
Cookie Blast protein shake ( 14 Pack )