ground chicken chilli jasmine rice - new jersey meal preps
Chicken Quesadillas paired with sour cream and chips
Sesame Chicken
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Grilled chicken paired with tasty maduros and spanish rice - healthy meal preps
Spartan Pasta
Seasoned lean ground beef paired with jasmine rice, black beans, corn, lettuce shreds and a side of our house salsa - jersey city meal preps

Taco Bowl

Spartan Meatballs
Chicken parm over bed of jasmine rice paired with green beans and vodka sauce cup. - nj meal prep delivery service
A healthy chicken parm fried in coconut oil paired with jasmine rice and green beans - spartan meal preps ny meal delivery service
low calorie sesame chicken paired with veggies spartan meal preps
Mac n Cheese topped with bacon bites paired with grilled chicken and green beans - nj meal preps

Clean Mac

Turkey meatballs baked to perfection paired with jasmine rice, green beans and a side of our sweet chili sauce - clark nj meal preps
Low Calorie Chicken Parmesan
Low Calorie Turkey Meatballs
low calorie coconut chicken with veggie mix spartan meal preps
Grilled chicken breast paired with whole wheat bowtie pasta tossed in vodka cause paired with cauliflower florets- ny meal prep delivery service
Guava quesadila burger paired with golden steak cut fries - ny meal prep
2 soft tacos stuffed with grilled buffalo chicken, lettuce shreds paired with a jasmine rice, black beans and a small cup of reduced fat sour cream - ny meal prep delivery
Chicken & Fries
Spartan Burrito
Grilled chicken paired with mash potatoes corn green beans and house gravy cup - fresh meal delivery service

Chicken Mash

Coconut Chicken paired with veggie fried rice green beans pineapples and house sauce cup - hobken nj meal preps
Shrimp Alfredo
Buffalo chicken meatballs paired with spaghetti - nj meal prep
Chicken Caesar wrap paired with chips and salsa cup - spartan meal preps
Shredded Chicken
Stuffed Meat Shells
Avocado chicken jasmine rice green beans - meal prep delivery service
Chicken breast tossed in our homemade Taos sauce accompanied with cilantro brown rice mixed with egg , scallions and roasted green beans- spartan meal preps
Low calrie beef meatballs and  veggie mix spartan meal preps
Low Calorie Bruschetta Chicken
Grandma’s Lasagna
Rosa’s Picadillo
Grilled chicken tossed in our house pesto sauce paired with jasmine rice, green beans and a side of grape tomatoes - clifton nj meal prep delivery service
The Kick Off

The Kick Off

Grilled Chicken with house bruschetta sauce jasmine rice and green beans
Keto Hulk

Keto Hulk

BBQ Chicken paired with jasmine rice black beans green beans and tzatiki sauce - yonkers meal prep delivery
Chicken Alfredo
Ace of Spades
Cilantro lime grilled chicken breast paired with jasmine rice, black beans, sweet plantains, and green beans - clifton meal preps

Pollo Verde

Pineapple Chicken - ny meal preps
Spicy Beef Bolognese
Grilled Chicken paired with shrimp veggie rice green beans and pineapples - meal prep delivery company
The Hulk

The Hulk

Crispy chicken paired with brown rice broccoli and a sauce cup of white gravy - meal delivery service
Spartan Coconut Fish
Creamy Chicken & Shrimp Scampi