First Responder Giveback

1st Responder Giveback

As COVID 19 continues to affect billions of people across the globe, life for 1st Responders and pretty much everyone in the medical industry, not much has changed except the workload.

With COVID 19 hitting the world as hard as it is life has been turned upside down for most. As for 1st Responders and everyone in the Medical Industry, not much has changed except the workload.  

Our 1st responders have not skipped a beat. Some not even taking days off to help save lives and loved ones. Showing up everyday as even some of their fellow co workers fall victim to the virus. 1st Responders have been true warriors through it all and after seeing these modern day heroes in action everyday, we felt we had to help in any way we can.

After speaking with several hospitals and 1st responders in the area, the overall message was the same. They are constantly pressed for time and most are way too concerned of contaminating their home to actually cook at home.  

Meals & Muscle Cookies!

"If you EAT like a SPARTAN, TRAIN like a SPARTAN, then you have to CARE like a SPARTAN"

- Spartan 101 -

"So naturally it was a perfect fit for us, and has been the favorite parts of our week now" The drop off of meals and our new muscle cookies have become a weekly tradition and we have been able to hit hospitals in both NY and NJ.

As we continue to fight through this pandemic, we want to remind everyone that it is important to do anything you can to help. The first thing and top priority would be keeping yourself healthy. It starts with what you eat, but it is also very important to remain active and get a home workout in.  

As always we are here to help or offer any advice/answers.

Thank you to our 1st Responders Everywhere!


The Spartan Team

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